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My goal as your wedding photographer or videographer is to ensure your special day is beautifully documented and remembered. The process begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your vision, preferred style, and the key moments you want captured. After securing your date, we assist with the timeline for the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly. On the day of the wedding, I work discreetly to capture both candid and posed shots, preserving every emotion and significant moment. Post-wedding, I meticulously edit the photos to enhance their quality and present you with a curated gallery of high-resolution images. Finally, I deliver a stunning album or a digital collection, allowing you to cherish your wedding memories for years to come.



Mon - Sunday: 8am - 8pm


Availability subject to change

based on shooting schedule


TEL: (951) 870-8752

Instagram: @oryanempire


You should receive a response within the hour

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